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Danger Run including 2 haunted houses


Danger Run® is the highest quality and value Halloween haunted attraction in the world, found only in Louisville, Kentucky. Delivering unique Halloween fun for over 25 years, the Danger Run® is a scavenger-hunt-style game played in the car that includes 2 haunted houses. You will solve rhyming clues to find your way to TWO of Louisville’s BEST, most award-winning haunted houses. Admission to both is included with Danger Run®. You may even win prizes! Danger Run®… it’s

The Most Fun You’ve EVER Had In Your Car!®

How Danger Run® Works

Assemble Your Team

Get your friends, come in groups of any size and choose any Friday or Saturday night in September or October.

Choose Your Starting Location

Select the starting location that is most convenient for you and your team.

Solve Clues & Find Haunted Houses

Solve the rhyming riddles to find your way to two of Louisville's BEST haunted houses.

Break-In & Win

Use your clues to solve TWO escape room style games and you may qualify for the Danger Run Finals!

What You Get on Danger Run®


Danger Run® is one of the longest operating Halloween attractions in the region. Founded in 1994, the Danger Run® is the most inclusive and immersive Halloween and haunted house experience in Louisville. Danger Run® is a unique experience that can be found no other place in the world! Your adventure will begin at a starting location where the Danger Run® will provide you with clues that, if you dare to solve, will lead you to TWO Break-In escape room style games AND TWO haunted houses, all included with your admission. Haunted house experiences include Black Orchard Haunted House and Legend of Pope Lick Haunted Woods. The game is to solve the clues, use your clues to Break into and solve the mystery and of course get scared at the included haunted houses. Awaiting you at the end of the road are TWO of Louisville's BEST haunted houses that will get your blood pumping and have you screaming for more! It truly is "The Most Fun You've EVER Had In Your Car!"® Would You Like To Play A Game?®


For your 25 year anniversary, we had to go BIG! So we have COMPLETELY renovated the game! The clues have been written to easier to follow to your destination, BUT the object is to solve missions along the way. Solving those missions will reveal an answer that will let you break-in to your final puzzles and beat the game. Because mileage is no longer a factor whatsoever, you will also get a Danger Run Adventure Bag that has additional puzzle pieces to help you solve your missions. We've designed the game to put your senses in OVERDRIVE!

This is by far the BIGGEST change to Danger Run in its history and also the most immersive and fun it has EVER been. We can't wait for you to have "The Most Fun You've EVER Had In Your Car!"®


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