We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about our events. These questions range from what is the game to what add-on options do I have. So, feel free to read through. Simply click the question you'd like answered and the answer will reveal itself. If you find that you still have questions please visit our Facebook Page or Contact Us for assistance.

HELP! What advice or tips can you give us for playing a game in the car?
We dunno, we just write the thing, but since you asked...

  1. Drive like you have some sense.
  2. Read each clue all the way through before attempting to solve any part of it. Clues are 2 lines long and missions are 5 lines long. Sometimes you need the info in the 5th line BEFORE the info in the 1st line.
  3. Make sure you have a good team (maybe too late for that one).
  4. A "POTS" is a STOP sign spelled backwards, a "T" is what it looks like, and you'll know a limp spear when you see one.
  5. LEFT has how many letters? How about RIGHT?
  6. Midnight and Noon are always straight.
  7. On the "Liar Liar" clue, calm down, take a breath, and think it through...
  8. Enjoy the ride. It really IS the Most Fun You've EVER Had in Your Car!®

How do I get started with a game in the car?
Danger Run, Rudolph Run and Spirit Run all start by logging in on, eliminating any unneccesary wait to start playing. Your tickets MUST be purchased online. Once purchased, you will be instructed on how to begin your game. Follow the instructions on your ticket!

What is the difference between Standard Route and Cluemaster's Cut?
The Standard Route is the normal version of the game. This version of the game will include hints for each of the clues and will solve a series of story-inspired puzzles. The Cluemaster's Cut is a more challenging version of the game. This version of the game will have no hints, require you to track mileage, and have harder puzzles to solve.

Will I drive in unsafe areas during the game?
We go through painstaking measures to design the course to pass through areas of statistically lower crime rates. While nothing is ever 100%, be rest assured that we've done our homework to keep you in safer areas of town.

Will the game take me downtown?
In some cases, the game may take you around the downtown area to reach a desired destination. However, we do our best to keep you out of the downtown areas for as long as possible.

Will there be tolls while playing the game in the car?
No, we design all courses so that they avoid tolled roadways.

How long is the game played in the car?
Distance is not a factor, but we design the course so that it takes 90-120 minutes to play when correctly solved. This time does NOT include any time spent at the optional add-ons. You are welcome to take as long as you wish, there is no time limit. It could take 90 minutes...or it could take all night. That being said, once you start the game you have 5 days to complete the game before your access expires.

Does SPEED count with games in the car?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. To gear this event in any way toward speed could encourage some people to drive too fast. Our goal in designing the game has always been to make it as fun, and as SAFE as possible. What counts is SOLVING THE PUZZLES.

How long does a game in your car usually take?
Games are designed to last 90-120 minutes, but because you can play at your own pace the time could be shorter or longer. It is important to note that in these games, speed does not matter.

Do I have to complete the game in the car between the hours of listed?
No, you can play the game anytime that is convenient to you. The Live Help Line is only available between 6PM-10PM Sun-Thurs and 6PM-12AM Fri & Sat.

How do I contact Live Help?
Call 1-800-771-9750. Guest services are standing by to assist you between 6PM-10PM Sun-Thurs and 6PM-12AM Fri & Sat.

Do I have to go EVERY night?
We'd love it if you did, but no. We said ANY night. You can certainly go as often as you like, but the whole thing is done in any single night you choose.

Does anyone really win the Finals Triple Crown?
Even if you've never won anything in your life, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Yes, people just like you win the prizes every year. In fact, a prior Danger Run Champ is now one of our clue writers! Check out our WINNERS page to see the pictures and names of all the top survivors of the run. You could be NEXT! If you happen to know any of the winners, it may be helpful for you to bring them along for the ride.

What if I get lost in the car?
Don't worry... Nobody ever gets lost on this thing. If you find yourself crossing into California, then yeah we'd say you're lost. Barring that, don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Clues are written to keep you on the edge of lost all night, and to make you feel like you're lost, even when you're not (we're tricky like that). You'll find that ending up in the middle of nowhere is half the fun, lost or not. In your clue portal, you can always ask for guidance to find the answer to a clue. You may also call 1-800-771-9750 for our live help line.

How did you come up with the original game played in the car?
We didn't. We just improved a concept of something called a "Ghost Run". You can see the full explanation on our HISTORY page.

What is your refund policy?
Like all events, there are NO REFUNDS. This is stated upon ticket purchase in the Terms and Conditions.

Is the game in the car handicapped accessible?
The game played 100% in the car is accessible. Again, this is a scavenger-hunt style game played IN YOUR CAR. However, the optional add-on attractions may not be accessible. Please see the individual attraction's website for accessibility details.

Why are attractions an optional add-on on Danger Run?
We've found that most simply love playing the game. So we've made it optional to visit attractions. If that is an experience you want to add, you may do so.

With games in the car, can I “skip” the clues and go straight to the attractions?
You could, but it is strongly advised that you first enjoy the game. Ultimately, you came to have "The Most Fun You've EVER Had In Your Car!" so don't miss it. Plus, admission to the attractions are good ANY night they are open.

What if we DON'T make it to the add-on attractions in time?
Fear not! Your ticket is good for admission ANY night the attractions are open. Attraction hours vary, you should check their individual websites for hours of operation.

What is an outdoor escape game / puzzle hunt?
An outdoor escape game or puzzle hunt is a game played on foot where you will be solving puzzles along a defined path. You will be provided and adventure pack and GPS technology for game play. READ MORE

How much walking is involved with an outdoor escape game / puzzle hunt?
Outdoor escape games have a range of distance, but it could be expected that you will walk around a mile during your game play. Don't worry, you start and end in the same place. It is designed to be a liesurely hike.

How long is an outdoor escape game / puzzle hunt?
An outdoor escape game is designed to last 90 minutes. Yes, this game is a timed game. If you and your squad do not finish in that time, you will not save the world.

What is an indoor escape game?
An indoor escape game is played inside, in a climate controlled environment that we have created. Indoor escapes are shorter in duration since you have less walking to find puzzles. If walking or the outdoors isn't for you, an indoor game or game in your car may be more your speed. READ MORE